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First Aid Course - Full Critical Care

This course is open to all. Mothers, young adults, practitioners, therapists, infant and child care professionals are encouraged to attend First Aid and Emergency Response training.

 In other countries, anyone in a profession of care or health services is required to have a certification in First Aid training or its equivalent. While we don't have rules for independent therapists and practitioners working in India, we can however take responsibility for our own practice and support our community in offering the best of our services in health care and child support. 

Course Details
Instructor: Keshinee Shah
Date: 14th - 15th October, 2014 (Tues, Wed)
Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Venue: St. Pauls Institute, Bandra - West, Mumbai

To register, please email your details to or reply to this email address.

This course follows the first aid protocols set by EFR (Emergency First Response) - Asia Pacific and are localised for India. It covers primary / life saving skills and secondary care for adults, children and infants and includes the following:

  • CPR, demonstrated and practiced on a professional adult, child and infant manikins
  • the use of an AED [using an AED trainer]
  • treatment for choking
  • use and application of the recovery position
  • serious bleeding, spinal injury and shock management
  • treatment for common accidents and injuries including falls, cuts / scrapes, nose bleeds etc, how to assess a person for illness or injury, the contents and use of a first aid kit.
  • bandaging: the application of various bandaging techniques for different injuries.

To ensure that each course participant has understood the first techniques correctly, each participant is required to undertake written tests on primary / secondary care and undertake assessment scenarios. These scenarios stimulate real life medical emergencies, to check the application of appropriate patient care and techniques, test participants knowledge of issues that may affect treatment in an emergency, prioritise the type of emergency care to provide and how to work as a team in an emergency situation. The duration of the course of 2 days includes the written tests and simulation practices.

Upon successful completion of the course, all participants receive a certificate and a wallet card with the globally recognized EFR logo. If required, participants can also avail a wallet card directly from EFR. Each participant also receives a first aid manual, written by Keshinee that is specific to India.

About the Instructor and the organization:
Keshinee Shah is a First Aid Instructor under Emergency First Response and has been conducting first aid training for parents, carers, professionals in India and the UK since 2011. To know more about Keshinee please visit

Emergency First Response [EFR;] is a global organisation specializing in first aid. They offer both first aid and first aid instructor level training via region specific training programs covering UK & Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. EFR is the preferred first aid trainer for many extreme sports organisations, such as PADI [scuba diving] and hence, compared to other first aid organisation, is known for having an in depth and wide coverage of first aid protocols globally.

To register for this course please contact:
Quanta Health Care Solutions
+91 9821470396 / 26487184

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