SOMATIC INTELLIGENCE™Maximize your intelligence, involve your body.
Somatic Intelligence is an exploration of the different facets of our brain and how our body interacts with the environment around to maintain balance within. While the mind thinks and the heart feels, our body senses. We learn the sensile language of our body. Our body communicates with us all the time - this helps us regulate with stress and challenge. Our body is first gateway to wellness; this is a process oriented workshop. We shift our awareness inward for transformation.

Stress, Anxiety, depression and lifestyle disease is a common concern. The body sends us information and signals all the time, but are we really in tune with it?

Venue: The A Club, One India Bulls, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
Date & Time: 20th July, Saturday, 10:30am - 1:30pm
Fees: Rs 1500, early bird discount till 16th July. Rs 1800 for bookings 17th July onwards.
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