Somatic Intelligence™ 

Maximize your intelligence, involve yur body! - with Zia Nath For Awareness Foundation

'Somatic' comes from the greek word 'Soma' - means body. Somatic Intelligence refers to the inherit intelligence of our body that self-maintains for our survival and well-being. The mind thinks, the heart feels and the body senses! Learning the sensile language of the body helps us explore the different facets of our brain and how our body interacts with it. 

Our body continuously regulates itself with the changing environment outside. The body communicates the sensory experience but we often disregard the distress boundaries. Stress, anxiety, depression and lifestyle disease is a common concern. The body sends us infomration & signals all the time, but are we really in tune with it?

In this intro-talk, we learn about:

- How the body imprints the body

- Recognising stress boundaries.

- Self regulate spontanueously

- The 'triune' brain system in a modern world. 

Date : 17th August 2020 

Time : 09:15pm IST

    Events & Workshops

    Dec 21, 2020, Online Webinar

    Whirling Mandala™
    In the body, Science meets Spirituality*
    At the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality. 
    *Hosted by : The World United.*

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