Maximize your intelligence, involve your body!
By Zia Nath.

INTRO TALK about the therapy & details of the Facilitator Training :

Wed, 23rd Sept 
09:15 - 09:45pm IST - Introduction to the work. 
09:45 - 10:15pm IST - details of the facilitator training.

Awareness Zoom Login:
ID : 769 212 1137
Password : 12345

Somatic Intelligence refers to the inherent intelligence of our body that self-maintains for our survival and well-being.

In this Intro talk, we learn about :
- How the body imprints the brain.
- Recognise Stress boundaries.
- Self regulate spontaneously. 
- The 'Triune' brain system in a modern world. 

For more info about the work and training, Please visit :
Facilitator Training. 

Time : 09:15pm IST

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