Trauma is not in the event. It is in our nervous system.
Healing happens through the body, HERE and NOW.
Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing®
Pregnancy & Birth

Feedback from Patients about pregnancy and birth
Infants, Children & Mothers

Infants, Children & Mothers

I heard about craniosacral therapy from my sister in law who was recommended by her pediatrician in London to the sametherapy for her daughter suffering from reflux. My sister in law observed that my daughter was suffering from reflux as well. That`s when I realized that all the groaning and grunting, the tightening of the body and arching of the back that my daughter did, along with throwing up as soon as she finished a feed were all symptomsof reflux. Since craniosacral therapy is non invasive I thought of giving it a try. I thought if it doesn`t help, its not going to harm either. So I took my 3 month old to Zia, who was just wonderful. In just 2 sessions I saw the difference in my daughter. She started sleeping better, her groaning and grunting had stopped. She did not throw up anymore. My daughter was a different baby. I then asked Zia if she could help with my 3 year old son. He has an enlarged adenoid and wheezing issues with difficulty in breathing and he would breathe with his mouth open. Just a couple of sessions and I saw the difference with my son as well. He gained weight, is more active and overall a much healthier child. Even his pediatrician was shocked with the change in him. I was never a believer in alternate medicine, but after seeing the difference in my own children and myself (I have migraine issues which are now much better thanks to craniosacral therapy), I recommend Zia to every one of my friends. Zia has been absolutely amazing. Patient and so understanding.
As this is a non invasive treatment, people like me, who are petrified of injections and don't like to medicate myself and my children, this alternate therapy has worked wonders.
Payal Patel, Mother
Mumbai, India 2011

After my pregnancy I discovered that I had an underactive thyroid and PCOS. I was also exhausted and drained. The birth of my daughter was stressful and after 2 days in labor she was born via emergency C-section. My daughter was diagnosed with GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) and Colic at 2 weeks old and was on prescription medication for the first 7 months of her life. This also meant that her muscle tone was loose as a result of not being able to lay her flat and that she did not sleep well in the day or night. We both came to Bombay completely exhausted and were referred to Zia by my naturopath. My daughter (at 14 months) was a changed person from the very first session. She was calmer and happier and slept in the car seat on the way back from her appointment with Zia (she never sleeps in the car). She also fell asleep easily at night and had a good nights sleep. After a few sessions she was becoming more physically active and after a few more sessions she finally began to walk. Zia also treated her wheezing and worked on helping her reach her milestones. I wish I had known about Craniosacral therapy when my daughter was born. I could have avoided 7 months of absolute agony!!
As for me, when I first met Zia, I was a completely wired person. Any sound would wake me up from sleep and I had a hard time relaxing. Zia's first few sessions helped my system to calm down and reboot and I started sleeping every afternoon to gain back the energy that I had lost all these months. Even though I intended to be treated for thyroid and PCOS, it seems that I saw Zia for a whole number of additional issues like stress, migraines, back ache, indigestion and weight loss. I am pleased to say that I am 100% happy with the results and wish I were still in Bombay so that I could continue the therapy.
Zia is a wonderful and approachable person and an extremely intuitive and talented therapist. I have referred several people to her for treatment for various issues and all of them are enjoying better health and relief from their symptoms.
Uttara Gelhaus, Mother
Singapore, 2011

Within six sessions of Craniosacral Balancing for my son Tanay (8 yrs), his jaw line visibly shifted making his face and cheeks more rounded, thereby improving his pronunciation and speech.
Naveena, Mother, Writer
Mumbai, India 2005

My daughter Saanch (2 yrs) was suffering from chronic fever since she was born. She had a caesarian delivery. Besides fever she was also showing slower developmental progress and would eat very little. After a couple of months of treatment her fever was not so frequent or so high. She started to eat more and overall her health and development improved. Also as a mother I experienced more relaxation, as my daughter's nervous system was not so stressed anymore.
Anandita Sadh – Mother
Mumbai, India 2005

During my entire pregnancy I was taking craniosacral sessions regularly and it really helped me in my energy levels and keeping my anxiety down, relaxing me and helping me to prepare positively for my natural birth.
Tanya James, Mother
Mumbai, India 2006

Craniosacral sessions relieved me of my lower back and neck pain with which I was suffering for a while. I also felt very relaxed after the sessions and this feeling would last for a long while after. I saw Immediate result for Aditya my son (3 yrs) where after just one session he started passing motions, which he was finding difficult to do on his own for the past 15 months.
Rajan — Businessman
Mumbai, India 2005

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