"Awareness is a light that frees up restrictions as we are observing it. As we settle into a relaxed witness consciousness, we watch how our body self corrects"

- Zia Nath

Somatic Intelligence™

INTRO TALK on Somatic Intelligence by Zia Nath with Awareness Foundation :
I have known Zia for almost a decade and a half. The first time I met her, it was to bring resolution to my chronic neck stiffness. With the subtle and powerful modality of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, she facilitated the complete healing, which i didn't think was possible. But it was not just the physical that was healed through the BCST therapy, emotionally and mentally also I felt very grounded. Fast forward to 2020, where COVID-19 pushed us all to go virtual. I reached to Zia for an online Somatic Intelligence™ session to address the surfacing emotional turmoil. We worked on it over the course of two sessions and not once did it become apparent that it was online! Zia was completely tuned into my physical and emotional states during the sessions and helped feel the layers of turmoil to bring grounding and resolution. She also time and again asked me for my feedback on the unfolding process which allowed me to stay present rather than it becoming a one way thing. She held the space for me with stillness and I felt safe and connected during the process and after. 
- Nirali Shah, Mumbai, July 2020
As a result of adverse childhood experiences, I have lived 30+ years of my life with trauma and used to often go in fight/flight/freeze mode. Even when i became aware of the patterns and the story that was holding me back, my body would go fight/flight when under stress or fear. It was an unconscious, draining and exhausting experience that kept me stuck in my life. Zia helped me make my body a safe place to be. With a combination of Craniosacral therapy & Somatic Intelligence™ she helped me understand how to cakm my nervous system, and embrace all states of emotions. I am so grateful for her compasionate, present energy that restored well-being. I am now open and able to make long term decisions with the intention to thrive, not just survive. I dont 'flee' - I show up.

- Shalin Lele, USA, September 2020

Events & Workshops

Dec 21, 2020, Online Webinar

Whirling Mandala™
In the body, Science meets Spirituality*
At the 3rd World Parliament on Spirituality. 
*Hosted by : The World United.*

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