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Musculoskeletal System

I am thankful to God and a friend who connected me to Zia. One gets apprehensive before this magical treatment starts- I sure was. I went to her in the beginning stage of my herniated cervical slip disc which also compressed my nerves. The MRI suggested surgery. I was petrified. It was then Zia started her treatment and gave me an assurance that she will give it her best shot. Its very easy to get faith in her. In a months time I experienced a huge difference ….where I was experiencing pain - her treatment showed results and now I am in a far better position and it appears like I will be able to evade the surgery altogether. While curing my back she detected other problems and was able to cure them too. Thanks to this therapy I could evade a surgery and get back to my normal life.
Purvi Shah “ Fashion Designer
Mumbai, India, 2011

In May 2011, I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and was advised complete bed rest. Despite several days of adhering to this advice and taking several painkillers, I felt no relief at all. Seeing my plight, a relative recommended Ms. Zia Nath to me. On the 1st day itself, Zia accurately diagnosed me with an injured sacrum and the therapy provided me a great deal of relief. I instantly felt relaxed as the pain eased. From being in a position where sitting, walking and even lying down was excruciatingly painful, in a couple of weeks Craniosacral therapy has worked wonders. Now I feel no pain at all. Craniosacral therapy has also helped heal me holistically. I feel more positive, energetic and have adopted a much healthier lifestyle. I feel like a new person altogether. This is the first time I have tried Craniosacral therapy and having experienced the healing and therapeutic benefits it provides, I highly recommend Ms. Zia Nath. A Life changing experience.
Shevaun Menezes, Advertising,
Mumbai, India, 2011

“I was suffering pain in the TMJ which also radiated towards my both hands and also towards my sternum and thoracic region. In the last 6 years due to this problem my breath also got constricted, so I went for homeopathic treatment, orthopedic and also acupuncturist. They could not understand the problem. After few days of treatment all the symptoms returned. I started the craniosacral on the 9th of Nov. 2006, my body has started to reorganize in a very subtle way but very noticeably. The effects are amazing and almost permanent. My energy levels have increased tremendously, the pains have reduced by 90% and I am looking forward to complete painlessness. Thanks a ton Zia.“
Neelam Kumar, Yoga Teacher
Mumbai, India, 2006

“Craniosacral therapy has helped me miraculously. I walked into my first session limping and feeling hopeless about my back problem and after an hour my limp was gone and I felt confident. This has helped my back problem of scoliosis very much, my back feels straighter and I am able to exercise daily.”
Meera— Housewife
Mumbai, India, 2005

“I came to Zia from a colleague’s recommendation. I did not believe in alternate therapy but then my problem was so acute I was willing to try anything. After the first session my left arm felt normal first time after 3 years. I was having numbness in my left arm and medical doctors only gave medication that did not help after a few hours and physiotherapy relaxed my shoulders but my arm and fingers still felt numb and heavy restricting my daily work. Zia found compression in my neck and did some therapy there. It made my neck feel free and relaxed and a few hours after the session I realized there was no heaviness and numbness on my arm and fingers. I was ecstatic. I followed up with a few more craniosacral sessions and now I don’t suffer with that problem anymore.”
 Tina Miller — Business
Johannesburg, South Africa, 2004

Sensory Disorders

I went to Zia for a vertigo problem. The condition came out of nowhere and was completely disrupting my life. Doctors of course prescribed drugs that had many side effects, hence not effective at all. After My first appointment with Zia I was not sure of what happened. I mean, I lay on a table for about half an hour or 40 mins and she placed her hands on me. That was that! After the first session, I thought I could see a bit clearer, not only with my eyes, but In my head, if you know what I mean. But I wasn't convinced. I was confused about the technique and thought that my mind was playing tricks on me. So I decided to go for a second session. That session was the clincher, I started feeling much better, not only the vertigo but my body and mind
also felt more aligned. I was able to resolve issues that had been buried for years; I was more stable in temperament and definitely calmer. Iwent for 4-5 sessions more, and felt much better overall. I stilldon't know how it works, but it's definitely effective. Not only did it treat the problem at hand (vertigo) but also touched somethingmuch deeper. A deep feeling of well-being and stability. Thank you
Guzar Karmali – Yoga Teacher
Mumbai, India, 2010

My eyes were giving me trouble for a long time and even though I could not read more that half a page and always felt the strain, my doctor said there is no problem with the eyes. My eyes would also water many times in the day. But after a few sessions my eyes feel much better and I can read easily now, its also not watering anymore. Also the feeling after each session is very good.
Payal Lalani – Housewife 2006

I was recommended craniosacral sessions for my acute sinusitis which I have had since many years I was always breathing from my mouth. I was surprised to find that in the sessions my sacrum got released and after that my sinus problem immediately improved by 50% I did not realize that my sacrum was still holding an injury that I had from a bike accident more than 30 years ago. My sinusitis gradually improved as we did a few more sessions.
Mr. Singh - IAS Officer (Retire) 2006

Infants, Children & Mothers

I heard about craniosacral therapy from my sister in law who was recommended by her pediatrician in London to the sametherapy for her daughter suffering from reflux. My sister in law observed that my daughter was suffering from reflux as well. That`s when I realized that all the groaning and grunting, the tightening of the body and arching of the back that my daughter did, along with throwing up as soon as she finished a feed were all symptomsof reflux. Since craniosacral therapy is non invasive I thought of giving it a try. I thought if it doesn`t help, its not going to harm either. So I took my 3 month old to Zia, who was just wonderful. In just 2 sessions I saw the difference in my daughter. She started sleeping better, her groaning and grunting had stopped. She did not throw up anymore. My daughter was a different baby. I then asked Zia if she could help with my 3 year old son. He has an enlarged adenoid and wheezing issues with difficulty in breathing and he would breathe with his mouth open. Just a couple of sessions and I saw the difference with my son as well. He gained weight, is more active and overall a much healthier child. Even his pediatrician was shocked with the change in him. I was never a believer in alternate medicine, but after seeing the difference in my own children and myself (I have migraine issues which are now much better thanks to craniosacral therapy), I recommend Zia to every one of my friends. Zia has been absolutely amazing. Patient and so understanding.
As this is a non invasive treatment, people like me, who are petrified of injections and don't like to medicate myself and my children, this alternate therapy has worked wonders.
Payal Patel, Mother
Mumbai, India 2011

After my pregnancy I discovered that I had an underactive thyroid and PCOS. I was also exhausted and drained. The birth of my daughter was stressful and after 2 days in labor she was born via emergency C-section. My daughter was diagnosed with GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease) and Colic at 2 weeks old and was on prescription medication for the first 7 months of her life. This also meant that her muscle tone was loose as a result of not being able to lay her flat and that she did not sleep well in the day or night. We both came to Bombay completely exhausted and were referred to Zia by my naturopath. My daughter (at 14 months) was a changed person from the very first session. She was calmer and happier and slept in the car seat on the way back from her appointment with Zia (she never sleeps in the car). She also fell asleep easily at night and had a good nights sleep. After a few sessions she was becoming more physically active and after a few more sessions she finally began to walk. Zia also treated her wheezing and worked on helping her reach her milestones. I wish I had known about Craniosacral therapy when my daughter was born. I could have avoided 7 months of absolute agony!!
As for me, when I first met Zia, I was a completely wired person. Any sound would wake me up from sleep and I had a hard time relaxing. Zia's first few sessions helped my system to calm down and reboot and I started sleeping every afternoon to gain back the energy that I had lost all these months. Even though I intended to be treated for thyroid and PCOS, it seems that I saw Zia for a whole number of additional issues like stress, migraines, back ache, indigestion and weight loss. I am pleased to say that I am 100% happy with the results and wish I were still in Bombay so that I could continue the therapy.
Zia is a wonderful and approachable person and an extremely intuitive and talented therapist. I have referred several people to her for treatment for various issues and all of them are enjoying better health and relief from their symptoms.
Uttara Gelhaus, Mother
Singapore, 2011

Within six sessions of Craniosacral Balancing for my son Tanay (8 yrs), his jaw line visibly shifted making his face and cheeks more rounded, thereby improving his pronunciation and speech.
Naveena, Mother, Writer
Mumbai, India 2005

My daughter Saanch (2 yrs) was suffering from chronic fever since she was born. She had a caesarian delivery. Besides fever she was also showing slower developmental progress and would eat very little. After a couple of months of treatment her fever was not so frequent or so high. She started to eat more and overall her health and development improved. Also as a mother I experienced more relaxation, as my daughter's nervous system was not so stressed anymore.
Anandita Sadh – Mother
Mumbai, India 2005

During my entire pregnancy I was taking craniosacral sessions regularly and it really helped me in my energy levels and keeping my anxiety down, relaxing me and helping me to prepare positively for my natural birth.
Tanya James, Mother
Mumbai, India 2006

Craniosacral sessions relieved me of my lower back and neck pain with which I was suffering for a while. I also felt very relaxed after the sessions and this feeling would last for a long while after. I saw Immediate result for Aditya my son (3 yrs) where after just one session he started passing motions, which he was finding difficult to do on his own for the past 15 months.
Rajan — Businessman
Mumbai, India 2005

Trauma Support

“Beyond expectations. Did not expect such a fast recovery.
Never been able to achieve this minimum level of medication in the past 12 yrs. When I first came to Zia is was on 35 medications a day. In the beginning I was unable to walk in a straight line.  Now even my mental process has improved, I can do Sudoku and Kakurao at a fast speed successfully.” I have also started slowly working.”
Sandeep Varke,  Printing & Dezign Work
Mumbai, India, 2006

I came to this technique as I was facing an emotional crisis, the build-up of which left ‘no space’ in my body or mind and for the first time I felt ‘full’ of emotion. This manifested outwardly in my space as well, and I felt overwhelmed with events & people around me.  Zia helped me create that space for myself.  I felt invigorated, energized and also less stressed by the situation around me as I did feel my session helped create that space for me.
The second time I came in with a frozen shoulder (left) and a back pain (right).  Both pain situations as I was going through the same in my life (2 choices). After my session, I felt 75% better, and within the next few days my pain was gone.
Craniosacral therapy works deeper ways, which cannot be explained.  The benefits may not be felt instantly, but it supersedes any medication one might take on a superficial level to deal with symptoms.
Shonaalii Saberwal
Nutritionist – Macrobiotics India 2010

I had lived a life of extremes, extreme success from extreme effort. But the stress and agonizing moments that I had experienced had turned me into a nervous wreck and my day to day life was affected.Panic attacks and continuous worrying were denying me the basic peace that everyone craves for.I had tried yoga, homeopathy, pranayam but they all had temporary effects, which faded away in time and I was back spending time in my private hell.
I read about the concept of Craniosacral Therapy in a daily newspaper and was keen on trying out what it had to offer.I found in Zia a gifted human being who could not only empathize with my feelings but also gradually helped to uncover the pain I was hiding inside.To say what I felt in a few but powerful words I could truly say God had mercy on me to put me onto her.
I sincerely thank Zia for helping me in ways only an affected person can understand.
Thank you.
SM, Business, India 2008

I had completely forgotten about my surgery of when I was only 5 yrs old. Now at the age of 48yrs I started with craniosacral therapy to simply improve my sleep and overall health. During the second session the while working on my head, Zia suddenly asked me if I had had a surgery anytime, since I did not remember I said ‘No’. Then she said that she picked up residual effects of anesthesia in my body and that’s when I remembered my surgery. I was shocked that my body was still holding that effect and as the session progressed, she explained to me how the body was locked into post surgical trauma, and with a few more sessions I was able to experience a new kind of fresh energy in my body with most of my symptoms released.
Name withheld
Mumbai, India 2004

Wholistic Recoveries

Zia has cultivated a powerful gift that uses profound knowledge, deep insight and a multi-faceted (OR a breadth of) experience to gently propel her client into and through their healing process.
I experienced immediate and lasting relief from a chronic headache after one session.  My anxiousness, travel-sickness and out-of-balance nervous system were all dramatically improved with one session and resolved after four sessions of CST/SE. 
Zia's CST/SE sessions were powerful enough to correct my problems, and her work is also most effective when used as a preventative health measure to achieve and maintain overall well being.
Lisa Scadron, Artist,
United States of America 2010

I was emotionally and mentally very stressed and just out of the hospital following bad attack of thrombosis. Craniosacral sessions eased the pain in my leg and helped me with personal issues, finding direction and clarity in my life again.
Rishi Vohra – Filmmaker
Berkley, California, 2007

Started therapy about two years back. I was a very different person before I started the therapy, I was extra emotional, sensitive and never stood up for myself. I didn't think I had the strength to fight back for anything. I also was suffering from severe back ache because of an accident I had when I was much younger. After starting therapy, I have grown as a person, both emotionally and professionally. Professionally because Zia has helped me find my ways and she's helped me look within and realize what I've got. And emotionally- well, my family and friends say they've never seen me more confident and strong. Craniosacral Therapy has helped me much more than I can express right now. So much that I am actually considering taking it up as my career.
Anaisha Shah – High School Student
Mumbai, India, 2010

I used to suffer from a strong mental resistance pattern, which not only stopped me from living my life to the fullest but also resulted into a deteriorated physical condition. Craniosacral treatments helped kick start the self healing process within, relaxing my muscular strain and easing mental stress.
Nirali Shah – Montessori Teacher
Mumbai, India 2006

Every time I receive a craniosacral session I feel clean from inside. Its as though my inner being has been washed and cleansed. It calms my mind, relaxes my muscles, I feel balanced and together.
Tricia David, Accountant
Mumbai, India 2006

I asked Zia to take my son in for craniosacral treatment to see if there was any scope for improvement as he has been diagnosed as a slow learner. He is in his mid 30's now and lives life within limitations. After the first session Zia inquired about my health and life during the time when I was carrying my son. I confided that it was a very traumatic time being newly married and with abusive behavior from family members. She then asked me to come in for treatment of post trauma during my son's craniosacral sessions. As she was working on his nervous system she inquired with me about my trauma and helped me release it through therapeutic dialoging skills. She noticed that restrictions in my son's central nervous system and bones around the head and neck were starting to free up. After that session I noticed my son to be more intimate and emotional with his wife, and me. As though building his first relations with his mother and through that experiencing emotional relations. Other family members also noticed that he was more aware and sharp. It was very interesting to see how we unconsciously held in our nervous system that which we consciously did not even remember. I personally felt lighter and better within myself and forgiveness came easier.
Name withheld
Mumbai, India 2004

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