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Trauma Support

About the Trauma support Practitioner

Zia Nath

Quanta Health Care Solutions – a center for natural, wholistic healing and self discovery was started in June 2002 in the middle of the year, in the center, heart of the city in Bandra, Mumbai – India. Zia Nath is the founder and proprietor of Quanta Health Care Solutions, a cozy little quiet place amidst the busy shopping alleys of Linking Road. This center has welcomed and cared for patients of all ages and illnesses and supported colleagues and friends on the path of natural health care. Zia Nath (formerly aka Parinita Nath) is a practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy (Biodynamic Approach). Based in Mumbai, Zia has been practicing since the past 12 years,

supporting patients with a varied range of health issues from spine related problems to endocrinal imbalances; stress & anxierty, working with mums & babies recovering from birth trauma, breast feeding difficulties, respiratory and immunity related issues for young children, autisim; addressing general well being for those interested in a natural approach to health care.

Zia specializes in integrating trauma skills with Craniosacral Therapy and this supports patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Zia has treated & supported many adults & children affected by the terror strikes at Taj & Trident Hotels in Mumbai, 2008

Currently Zia is organizing & hosting the International Training Program For Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with world renowned teachers from the Institute of Craniosacral Balancing®, Switzerland (

Craniosacral Therapist (BCST)
International Institute of Craniosacral Balancing ® IICSB, Switzerland, (
International Affiliation of Biodynamic Practitioners (IABT, North America)

Zia continues to educate herself, deepening her knowledge and therapeutic skills. Currently Zia is studying to certify as a Child Birth Educator with CAPPA, USA and also in the study program for Trauma Healing, Somatic Experiencing® with Foundation for Human Enrichment, Peter Levine, USA.

Zia is also passionate about Natural Birth, its promotion and awareness. Having had a natural home birth for her daughter Sufia, which was such an empowering experience, led Zia to embrace, share and work with Birth India, a non profit NGO for the welfare and rights of birthing women and to promote safe, natural and non violent birthing practices ( Zia is currently holding the Birth India Library at her center- Quanta Health Care Solutions. Everyone is welcome to become a member of this library and enjoy the wealth of knowledge from the master works of Fredrick Leboyer, Ina May, Linda J. Smith, Fernand Lamaze, Naomi Wolf, and many more. We also have exceptional and inspiring birth videos and movies for sharing.

In pursuit of Passion, a note from Zia:
Dance has always been a passion for me. Its what keeps the life energy and healing potency moving rhythmically in my body. And when I discovered Gurdjieff Sacred Dances (from ancient Sufi Traditions), 20 years ago, it changed my life and my spiritual path. Now, 20 years of practice in The Sacred Dances has brought me to promote this work therapeutically and also as a performing artist of Sufi Splendour®. Many patients become students of these dances, finding healing and completion of their spiritual and quintessential selves. Many dance students become patients finding healing and balance in their physical body. As a therapist and dance teacher I find so much connectedness in the two forms, complimenting each other, completing each other. To learn more of these dances please visit

Events & Workshops

Sep 23, 2020, Online Webinar

Maximize your intelligence, involve your body!
By Zia Nath.

INTRO TALK about the therapy & details of the Facilitator Training :

Wed, 23rd Sept 
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