Trauma is not in the event. It is in our nervous system.
Healing happens through the body, HERE and NOW.
Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing®
Trauma Support

Feedback from patients about trauma support

A note from Zia:
Many patients have been generous enough to share their experiences and feedback from the treatments they received and I sincerely thank them for this. The feedbacks help others to understand the depth of this work, its gentle approach and also settle the anxiety of those wanting to try a new therapy but nervous of its outcome. BCST is safe, gentle, non invasive and there are no contraindications to its use.

Here are some treatment feedbacks classified in their respective groups:

Trauma Support
Wholistic Recoveries

Trauma Support

“Beyond expectations. Did not expect such a fast recovery.
Never been able to achieve this minimum level of medication in the past 12 yrs. When I first came to Zia is was on 35 medications a day. In the beginning I was unable to walk in a straight line.  Now even my mental process has improved, I can do Sudoku and Kakurao at a fast speed successfully.” I have also started slowly working.”
Sandeep Varke,  Printing & Dezign Work
Mumbai, India, 2006

I came to this technique as I was facing an emotional crisis, the build-up of which left ‘no space’ in my body or mind and for the first time I felt ‘full’ of emotion. This manifested outwardly in my space as well, and I felt overwhelmed with events & people around me.  Zia helped me create that space for myself.  I felt invigorated, energized and also less stressed by the situation around me as I did feel my session helped create that space for me.
The second time I came in with a frozen shoulder (left) and a back pain (right).  Both pain situations as I was going through the same in my life (2 choices). After my session, I felt 75% better, and within the next few days my pain was gone.
Craniosacral therapy works deeper ways, which cannot be explained.  The benefits may not be felt instantly, but it supersedes any medication one might take on a superficial level to deal with symptoms.
Shonaalii Saberwal
Nutritionist – Macrobiotics India 2010

I had lived a life of extremes, extreme success from extreme effort. But the stress and agonizing moments that I had experienced had turned me into a nervous wreck and my day to day life was affected.Panic attacks and continuous worrying were denying me the basic peace that everyone craves for.I had tried yoga, homeopathy, pranayam but they all had temporary effects, which faded away in time and I was back spending time in my private hell.
I read about the concept of Craniosacral Therapy in a daily newspaper and was keen on trying out what it had to offer.I found in Zia a gifted human being who could not only empathize with my feelings but also gradually helped to uncover the pain I was hiding inside.To say what I felt in a few but powerful words I could truly say God had mercy on me to put me onto her.
I sincerely thank Zia for helping me in ways only an affected person can understand.
Thank you.
SM, Business, India 2008

I had completely forgotten about my surgery of when I was only 5 yrs old. Now at the age of 48yrs I started with craniosacral therapy to simply improve my sleep and overall health. During the second session the while working on my head, Zia suddenly asked me if I had had a surgery anytime, since I did not remember I said ‘No’. Then she said that she picked up residual effects of anesthesia in my body and that’s when I remembered my surgery. I was shocked that my body was still holding that effect and as the session progressed, she explained to me how the body was locked into post surgical trauma, and with a few more sessions I was able to experience a new kind of fresh energy in my body with most of my symptoms released.
Name withheld
Mumbai, India 2004

Wholistic Recoveries

As a result of adverse childhood experiences, I have lived 30+ years of my life with trauma and used to often go in fight/flight/freeze mode. Even when i became aware of the patterns and the story that was holding me back, my body would go fight/flight when under stress or fear. It was an unconscious, draining and exhausting experience that kept me stuck in my life. Zia helped me make my body a safe place to be. With a combination of Craniosacral therapy & Somatic Intelligence™ she helped me understand how to cakm my nervous system, and embrace all states of emotions. I am so grateful for her compasionate, present energy that restored well-being. I am now open and able to make long term decisions with the intention to thrive, not just survive. I dont 'flee' - I show up.
- Shalin Lele, USA, September 2020

I have known Zia for almost a decade and a half. The first time I met her, it was to bring resolution to my chronic neck stiffness. With the subtle and powerful modality of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, she facilitated the complete healing, which i didn't think was possible. But it was not just the physical that was healed through the BCST therapy, emotionally and mentally also I felt very grounded. Fast forward to 2020, where COVID-19 pushed us all to go virtual. I reached to Zia for an online Somatic Intelligence™ session to address the surfacing emotional turmoil. We worked on it over the course of two sessions and not once did it become apparent that it was online! Zia was completely tuned into my physical and emotional states during the sessions and helped feel the layers of turmoil to bring grounding and resolution. She also time and asked me for my feedback on the unfolding process which allowed me to stay present rather than it becoming a one way thing. She helped the space for me with stillness and I felt safe and connected during the process and after. 
- Nirali Shah, Mumbai, July 2020

Zia came into my life 11.5 years ago, when as a journalist I wrote a story about her work with children. 
A healer par excellence- she tremendously helped me with my own migraines and my children’s health issues. And still does. My kids have sessions with her atleast twice a year. I’ve been taking my almost 13 year old son this year to her, so he transitions smoothly into puberty, as cranio has a deep impact on the hormones. 
Being a Reiki teacher for many years now, and having attended classes as a student of many many modalities; there are few brilliant healers in any alternative field of healing in India that I don’t know of. But Zia is seriously up there with some of the best healers in the world that I’ve had the privilege to learn from, meet and know. 
As Reiki Practitioners, it is important to know about closely aligned work that uses the same quantum field that Reiki operates in. And you will be surprised at what all Cranio can heal. It is phenomenal for the nervous system. 
Till date, I visit Zia for a cup of herbal tea, and catch up on our personal lives and then she gives me an energy body tune up twice a year. Being sensitive to energy, I can actually feel the movement of lymphatic fluid in my body, clearing blocks, calming my sympathetic nervous system down. 
She’s  an astounding healer with deep insight and intuition and I value that very much.
- Rukhmini Punoose, July 2020

A big fan of BCST therapy for several years, I have been working with Zia since 2019. At the start of the lockdown 2020, I was afraid that if we couldn’t continue sessions I would perhaps see a regression in my progress thus far. For me personally, the online / distance BCST therapy was a life-line. While I do enjoy in-person sessions and the bio-feedback  with the therapist using their hands which is very helpful, my experience with online / distance BCST therapy has been wonderful. The fact that such effective sessions can be conducted over online for me really underlines the idea that we are all quintessentially energy. Both the sessions and progress one enjoys is a constant reminder of that. The other thing I found was that having the session in such a familiar space (my room, with me on my own bed) automatically put my body in a relaxed and more receptive state. This I think allowed the work & integration to be deeper at times. Secondly, this helped me be more aware of the responses of my body for instance being able to tell exactly when the breath pattern changed & my nervous system relaxed. And since I was already lying in bed, I could take a short nap immediately on the conclusion of my session if I needed it, further deepening the integration.Zia is an extremely intuitive practitioner. Whether in the same room or online, she is completely in tune with the person and is able to listen to, & support the needs of the body perfectly. My favourite sessions with her (online or in person) are when we decide that the body dictates the session i.e. she is able to tune in & gives space to the body to choose the work that needs to be done that day. She also has this bag full of tricks and tips to use to help one support themselves, and this she generously and freely shares.
- RC, June 2020

My experience with long distance craniosacral and somatic Intelligence therapy with  Zia Nath. I have long standing experience (over 10 years) in personal cranio sacral sessions with Zia and others .
I was doubtful about effectiveness about long distance sessions but to my pleasant surprise the long distance sessions made no difference and were equally effective, infact I could say may be more effective..Also the convenience of receiving the sessions at home saving the travel time and with her sweet and polite secretary Madhuri assisting me with the appointments and the setup for sessions with the camera settings, etc. 
I have also found Zia’s Somatic Intelligence sessions deep and with very good results. I am new to this therapy and they explore different areas and aspects of body - mind relationship.
I plan to continue both these long distance sessions 
- Ajai Lakhanpal, Goa,Juhu Mumbai,
May 2020

Zia is an astute practitioner. Her skills and abilities are very special. I’ve experienced great relief post her sessions.
- Anupa Mehta ,August 2019

Zia orientation towards the human body is holistic and wholesome. It supports health and wellness and more importantly gently. Thank you Zia for your presence and work.
- Effath Yasmin, August 2019

With a holistic and systematic approach, Zia manages to get to the root to the problem and bring complete relief. Her treatment to my extreme condition produced successful results that left even allopathic doctors amazed. Her expertise and experience in craniosacral therapy is legendary and after being treated by her, I can see why! Strongly and highly recommended!
- Rishi Vohra , July 2019

Its the irony of the situation to have to use words to describe Zia;s work, as the effect has been truly indescribable! I will try anyhow : What i have experienced is a profound gentle awakening and settling of energy in the body. Subtle, yet very deep, bringing me an immediate and direct sense of harmony and direction in my entire being. Zia's generous and open-spirit and conscious touch provides an open-container for all that shows up and she is present to it all. To receive a craniosacral session with Zia is transformative experience and I couldnt recommend it enough.
- Gazala Singh, Feb 2018

I've been taking Cranio-Sacral sessions with Zia for over 15years now. When I've had no health issues I found the sessions to be very relaxing and calming at a very core level of my being. 
In 2016 I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor and through my radiation, operation and preventive chemotherapy sessions I've experienced the magic of CranioSacral Therapies  healing powers. 
I've recovered faster and retained core strength to handle the toxic effects of the medications. 
Zia has also been a guide in natural healing options and been a support in the difficult times. 
I totally endorse her therapeutic abilities. Her humility,compassion and genuine caring is a refreshing quality not seen nowadays. 
- SB, Nov 2017

Zia has cultivated a powerful gift that uses profound knowledge, deep insight and a multi-faceted (OR a breadth of) experience to gently propel her client into and through their healing process.
I experienced immediate and lasting relief from a chronic headache after one session.  My anxiousness, travel-sickness and out-of-balance nervous system were all dramatically improved with one session and resolved after four sessions of CST/SE. 
Zia's CST/SE sessions were powerful enough to correct my problems, and her work is also most effective when used as a preventative health measure to achieve and maintain overall well being.
- Lisa Scadron, Artist, United States of America 2010

I was emotionally and mentally very stressed and just out of the hospital following bad attack of thrombosis. Craniosacral sessions eased the pain in my leg and helped me with personal issues, finding direction and clarity in my life again.
- Rishi Vohra – Filmmaker, Berkley, California, 2007

Started therapy about two years back. I was a very different person before I started the therapy, I was extra emotional, sensitive and never stood up for myself. I didn't think I had the strength to fight back for anything. I also was suffering from severe back ache because of an accident I had when I was much younger. After starting therapy, I have grown as a person, both emotionally and professionally. Professionally because Zia has helped me find my ways and she's helped me look within and realize what I've got. And emotionally- well, my family and friends say they've never seen me more confident and strong. Craniosacral Therapy has helped me much more than I can express right now. So much that I am actually considering taking it up as my career.
-  Anaisha Shah – High School Student,Mumbai, India, 2010

I used to suffer from a strong mental resistance pattern, which not only stopped me from living my life to the fullest but also resulted into a deteriorated physical condition. Craniosacral treatments helped kick start the self healing process within, relaxing my muscular strain and easing mental stress.
- Nirali Shah – Montessori Teacher, Mumbai, India 2006

Every time I receive a craniosacral session I feel clean from inside. Its as though my inner being has been washed and cleansed. It calms my mind, relaxes my muscles, I feel balanced and together.
- Tricia David, Accountant, Mumbai, India 2006

I asked Zia to take my son in for craniosacral treatment to see if there was any scope for improvement as he has been diagnosed as a slow learner. He is in his mid 30's now and lives life within limitations. After the first session Zia inquired about my health and life during the time when I was carrying my son. I confided that it was a very traumatic time being newly married and with abusive behavior from family members. She then asked me to come in for treatment of post trauma during my son's craniosacral sessions. As she was working on his nervous system she inquired with me about my trauma and helped me release it through therapeutic dialoging skills. She noticed that restrictions in my son's central nervous system and bones around the head and neck were starting to free up. After that session I noticed my son to be more intimate and emotional with his wife, and me. As though building his first relations with his mother and through that experiencing emotional relations. Other family members also noticed that he was more aware and sharp. It was very interesting to see how we unconsciously held in our nervous system that which we consciously did not even remember. I personally felt lighter and better within myself and forgiveness came easier.
- Name withheld, Mumbai, India 2004

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