Breath Of Life

Craniosacral Therapy

It is the first objective of a practitioner to find Health in an individual. Disease anybody can find.
Dr. Andrew Stills – D.O


Craniosacral Therapy

Breath Of Life

“Worms will not eat living wood where the vital sap is flowing; rust will not hinder the opening of a gate when the hinges are used each day. Movement gives health and life. Stagnation brings disease and death.”

A proverb in traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Sutherland D.O and Dr. Becker D.O, the pioneers of this work, had researched and explored the craniosacral system extensively. Having facilitated thousands of treatments, they noticed that movement in the body is simply a result of deeper forces and under these forces were deeper states of stillness, holding a quality of dynamism.

They called these biodynamic forces and states that they were exploring ‘The Breath of Life’ – natural, alive, dynamic forces continuously creating the human being.
The nature of the body is not mechanic but biodynamic.

At the moment of conception, ‘the Breath of Life’ emerges from a profound, dynamic stillness and generates a force within the living system manifesting in physical form.

“Motion is not life. Motion is the manifestation of life. The miracle of life expresses itself in motion and stillness. The power of life resides in the potency of stillness.”

Dr. Rollin Becker

The manifestation of ‘the Breath of Life’ is expressed not only in the cerebrospinal fluid and also the cells, tissues, muscles, bones, blood and all other fluids of the body. Practitioners can tune in to this while working with the craniosacral system. In these moments the sharp boundaries between our physical body, our emotions, mental processes and our spiritual growth merge and blend. There is a sense of unification, where separation ceases to exist. We feel ourselves as one with the universe, surrounded with the essence of deep peacefulness, strength and contentment, and there is nothing else to do, but BE.

In this stillness and silence, we meet our Being. The experience of Being, is an experience of the Unified Oneness.

“You are a Being of Light. And this Being is behind the wheel. Let the Being do the work”

Faisal Muqaddam

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