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Birth is our first experience of life, a beginning into the journey of exploring self. It is sacred. it has enormous reservoirs of empowerment wrapped within its folds. For the woman, it is a birth into motherhood. For the new born, it is the beginning of many experiences that would be coloured by the essential qualities present at the time of birth.

Many alternative and complimentary medicinal practices recognize the importance of birth, its effect on life and health as we grow into adulthood and life there on. Emphasis is laid on the quality of birth and the environmental set up during this sacred phenomenon. Babies born within supportive environments have the advantage of their maximum health resources that are endowed by the blueprint of human design. Disruptions in the natural, dynamic forces of birth reflect in the loss of harmonious unity with the forces of life.

Craniosacral Biodynamics recognizes and supports Natural Birth practices that not only enhances the beauty and power of birth but also maximizes health potencies for mother and child at the level of the body, mind and spirit.

Natural Birth is an intrinsic aspect of the human design. The body knows. Our cellular intelligence already has the program laid out within to facilitate the natural forces present in mother and baby at the time of conception, pregnancy and birth. All we have to do is stay out of the way, allowing, passively, respectfully for the body to reveal its wisdom in this mysterious creation and deliverance of life. Listen to the body, it speaks in sensations. It responds in motion. It rests and rejuvenates in stillness. Allow the highest intelligence of your system to come forth and facilitate the processes of pregnancy and birth. Be still, be silent and listen as the wisdom of birth is revealed.

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