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Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy

Birth Trauma Recovery Center


Craniosacral therapy is beneficial during pregnancy, supporting the constitution, strengthening the system, and resolving stress and trauma either with the mother or complications in the womb before their effects get embedded in the nervous system. It is helpful for backaches and in relaxing the mother’s pelvis, allowing an easier delivery. The practitioner can also work with the baby’s health while in the womb and gently support its progress.

  • Pre labor support for general health, back problems, stress & anxiety, trauma history.
  • During labor support for pain, opening and widening of lumbar, pelvis and hips, lowering stress states, easing fetal stress from positional discomfort, compressional effects in the womb.
  • Post labor support – re-alignment of spine for a quick recovery & rejuvenation. Breast feeding support, support for recovery from long labor, birth trauma.
  • Treatment for nerve related injuries to mum during pregnancy or birth.
  • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • Stress & Fatigue post labor

During the birthing process, a baby passes through the narrow birth canal, which causes compressions in the soft cranial bones. The bones overlap so the baby’s head can fit through the neck of the womb. This compression is normal and Nature ensures the skull is flexible enough for it to happen. After birth, within a few weeks the baby’s head has the capacity to return to a balanced and healthy form. However, in the case of long labor, a complicated birth, a surgery or instrumentation, this natural ability of the baby’s system to return to a healthy form may be restricted in cranial bone compressions or torsion, resulting in discomforts or a range of severe symptoms.

Craniosacral therapy therefore is extremely relevant for infant healthcare. Practitioners are able to identify areas of stress and restriction. With gentle hands and a respective approach they can support the baby’s physiology to return to health and balance as the bones disengage and the system settles into relaxation. Babies can receive sessions, while playing in mum’s arms or breast feeding or sleeping.

  • Breast feeding issues like – shallow latch, gag response, poor coordination of suck swallow breathe reflex.
  • Digestive issues, reflux, colic.
  • Head holding difficulties, neck stiffness, Torticollis.
  • Sleeplessness, incessant crying, ear infections.

This treatment is also effective for toddlers and older children expressing difficulties in any aspect of their growth and general health.

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