Somatic Intelligence

Somatic Intelligence

Somatic Intelligence

    Therapeutic Dialogue & Counselling sessions for:
  • Trauma Support
  • Disease & Injury Rehab
  • Lifestyle Stress


Facilitator Training – Somatic Intelligence™

Therapeutic Sessions


Somatic Intelligence™ is a process of therapeutic dialogue with our body. Our body has different sources of energy that vitalise us, such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual to name a few. Imbalances in these can create physical tension, emotional overwhelm, mental stress or spiritual distance. All these aspects of ourselves are constantly seeking an inner balance and harmony.

By tracking our patterns and restrictions we are able to free bound up energy. This unrestricted flow of vitality supports a deep healing process. As we sharpen our awareness and orient to the intelligence of our body, we realize how our system self regulates to a new balance within, and in harmony with our life outside.


It involves a relaxed friendly conversation with a trained practitioner who listens to a client’s health problems, or other challenges and orients the client’s attention to their body. The body communicates with us through the language of sensations. We learn to listen to and observe these sensations in our body. They express our symptoms and imbalances, our well-being and our strengths.

By being present with these sensations, we engage in a health dialogue with our system while also fine tuning and clarifying the perceptions of our body.

Awareness of sensations in our body also known as the ‘felt sense’ informs us of unconscious patterns and conditionings held in our physiology. It also informs us of the intelligence of health in our body. The client is supported to hold this awareness while developing a stable field of self – observation. As this field of observation stabilizes, we can witness how the body’s self -regulatory mechanism is able to balance, restore and heal from within.

“Awareness is a light that frees up restrictions as we are observing it. As we settle into a relaxed witness consciousness, we watch how our body self corrects.”

– Zia Nath

  • Restoring Vitality
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Nervous System dis-regulations
  • Mental Anguish, Emotional Overwhelm, Depression
  • Birth Trauma for Mums & Babies
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Psychosomatic syndromes
  • Pain & Tension patterns
  • Lifestyle diseases due to stress patterns (diabetes, hyper tension, etc)
  • IBS and other digestive dysfunctions
  • Allergies
  • Auto Immune Disorders
  • Terminal Illness, Palliative Care

Zia Nath is a healthcare therapist with her practice in Mumbai since almost two decades. A TEDx presenter, Nutritionist & Craniosacral Practitioner, Zia is also an international performer and teacher of Sacred Dance. She uses the body as the first stop to health & well-being, engaging the diversity of her work – the science of therapeutics and the spirituality of sacred dance, to conduct trainings and programs for corporates and individuals.

“In our body, science meets spirituality”

– Zia

Note from Zia

In 2002, when I got into the study Dr Peter Levine’s ground-breaking work on trauma therapy Somatic Experiencing ™, I found a lot of overlapping content between his work and the work of George Gurdjieff – an Armenian mystic of the early 1900s, also known as The Master Of Dance. I had been in the deep practice of Gurdjieff Sacred Dances since almost a decade and the quality of presence that we were learning in Somatic Experiencing™ was similar to the ‘Inner Work’ that we engaged in during the practice of Sacred Dance. ‘The inner work’ as Gurdjieff called it, is like the movement of consciousness within us. A consciousness that has intelligence and knows how to fix things internally.

The Biodynamic Model of health & healing is the foundation pillar for many ancient and new therapeutic practices. Being immersed in its principles through Cranioscaral Therapy over 20 years now, I also appreciate and integrate the work of pioneers in Trauma study (Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Stephen Porges) Their work in the container of biodynamic health taught me the understanding of the body’s self -regulatory mechanism and the intelligent design of the body to self – heal.

A controversial study of the Triune Brain System by Neuroscientist Paul D. Maclean, gave a scientific perspective to Gurdjieff’s work of the three sources of energy within us

The Fourth Way work by George Gurdjieff is like an arrival point of crystalized awareness, a stable field of attention to the movements in our body, its wisdom expressed in the language of sensations, and the healing that unfolds as we settle into witness consciousness.

Being in the study of these diverse streams with the same inner experiences led me to explore and integrate the work with each other. The synergy of old world wisdom and new world science has always been transformative. Somatic Intelligence™ inspired from the work of these masters, brings us a wholistic approach to health, wisdom and empowerment – knowing that we can heal ourselves.

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