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It is the first objective of a practitioner to find Health in an individual. Disease anybody can find.
Dr. Andrew Stills – D.O


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Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin BCST, RCST®

Bhadrena Tschumi Bhadrena Tschumi Gemin, MA, BCST, RCST® She is the founder and coordinator of ICSB.
She is a trained teacher and an educator. Her formal education was in Switzerland and the USA. She entered the field of humanistic psychology with trainings in different approaches (Gestalt, TZI, Roger, NLP, Focusing, prenatal and birth psychology, developmental psychology). She spent 2 years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, where she was trained in Gestalt therapy and bodywork, specifically in the Esalen massage and in the Trager approach. In the 80’s she discovered Craniosacral Therapy as a therapeutic approach and it turned out to become the work, which inspired her the most and which she is passionate about until today.
In 1986 she founded the ICSB, International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing® and created a unique and comprehensive training program. In the 30 years of experience in the field of therapy and the healing arts her approach in the craniosacral method evolved organically and underwent many different stages to reach the expression in the current training program. She is now teaching the biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy and integrates the newest understandings of neurobiology, embryology, trauma resolution, pre- and perinatal therapy and the essential work of the Diamond Logos approach in the professional craniosacral trainings of the ICSB.
She is teaching in Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and India. On her travels she inspired thousands of people and is happy to pass on her passion for Craniosacral Biodynamics.

Kavi Alessandro Gemin, Osteopath, BCST, RCST®

Kavi Alessandro He received his Master of Art in 1984 from Istituto d’Arte in Florence. In his early professional life he has been working as an art teacher and art therapist. He has been practicing art therapy with adults, children and physically and mentally challenged people for many years.
He then continued his training in massage, deep tissue work, NLP, primal and co-dependency therapy. He completed additional education as an osteopath and is a member of the Canadian college of Osteopathy.
He is supervising trauma trainings for the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma InstituteTM of Peter Levine; he is a teacher for the essence work in the Diamond Logos Teachings® of Faisal Muqaddam and practices prenatal and birth work after studies with Ray Castellino.
Kavi teaches and practices Craniosacral Balancing® since 1995 and is a teacher and co-director of the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing®.

“It is the first objective of a practitioner to find Health in an individual. Disease anybody can find.”
Dr. Andrew Stills – D.O

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